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Tinting Benefits in Denver Metro Area, Colorado

How Safety and Security Window Tint Keeps you Safe

The caveat to wanting an elegant glass windows and beautiful views of the outdoors is how to keep your home and family safe in the event of a break-in or an earthquake. The answer is security film systems installed by Columbine Window Tint.

Window film can help keep broken glass together in the window instead broken on the floor because it’s bonded directly to the glass. If you have a glass feature wall or doors with glass panels, the safety of your home is something you want to take seriously. It’s better to discover someone attempted to gain entry by break your glass than to discover they succeeded. Security tint is made of stronger layers of polyester and makes glass replacement and cleanup a breeze.

Blocking UV Light with Window Tint

We wear sunscreen to protect us from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun will also damage your valuables. Window film acts as sunscreen for your home. It protects your floors, furniture, art, window coverings and even your family and pets.

Call Columbine Window Tint to reduce your exposure to UV rays and make your home instantly more energy-efficient by installing any of our range of energy-saving window films. They reject 99.99% of UV ray and transmit up to 85% of light to keep your rooms bright and sunny.


Whether you want total privacy all the time or daytime privacy while keeping your beautiful views, window film can be the perfect answer. There are frost window films that will still let in light while keeping the area private. Frosts films come in many different colors, textures, and patterns. There are also films that can block out the light all together. The most common of these films are the whiteout and black out films that are often used to darken a room's interior or keep people from seeing an area that you want hidden, such as the back of wall that was built in front of a window.


Glass is one of the easiest ways for an intruder or thief to break into your property. Once glass is broken they can either go through the broken window or reach in and open a door. Window film can help keep broken glass together in the window. Often times a thieve will leave and find an easier target. If they stay the film can slow the intruder down giving the police more time to arrive. There are thicker films and frame attachment systems to provide even more security.

UV/Fading Protection

We wear sunscreen to protect us from the harmful UV rays from the sun, but too much sun will also hurt all of your valuables. Allow window film to act as sunscreen for your windows and protect your floors, furniture, art, window coverings, and even you. UV rays, light, and heat from the sun all cause fading and window film can help block them all!

Protect Glass

Window Film can be a great way to protect glass from graffiti or just scratches. The clear film is hardly noticeable and becomes a sacrificial layer while your window, glass table top, or display case remains in good, like new condition. At the same time it's protecting the glass you will be adding safety, security, and UV ray protection.

Save Money

There are a lot of benefits to having window film installed on your windows: you can protect your furniture, art, floors, etc. from fading; you can become more "green" and save energy with less of a need to run air conditioners to cool your home or office; you can make a burglar's job more difficult by making your windows tougher to enter through; you can increase safety and keep the elements outside by holding glass together if a window were to break. These are just a few of the benefits of having window film installed on your glass and all of these will Save You Money!

Typically the money saved through energy savings alone will pay for the cost of window film. The money saved by protecting things like floors and furniture just makes having film on your windows even more beneficial. You almost can't afford not to have film.

Added Safety

Windows can break due to many causes, including bad weather or random objects hitting it. The broken glass can be dangerous for anyone, but especially for kids. Window Film helps hold the broken glass together in the frame until you can safely get it replaced. Some films are approved in certain jurisdictions to bring non-tempered/non-safety glass up to the code established for the required use of tempered/safety glass. This can actually save money by not having to replace standard glass with more expensive safety glass.

Reduce Glare

Many people like how the sun will naturally light a room up, but too much sun can be extremely uncomfortable. It can make you feel like you need to wear sunglasses while inside, make it hard to see tv and computer screens, and can make you squint causing headaches. Window film is like giving your windows sunglasses so that you can still keep blinds open and naturally light a room while increasing your comfort.

Energy Savings

Window Film will save energy, making your home or business more "Green" while saving money in the process. Windows are one of the main ways that heat enters or exits a home or business. By adding window film you will reduce the amount of heat that enters during the hot summer months and allow cooling systems to run less. Window Film does not conduct temperature as well as glass and therefore will also help slow the loss of heat during the cold months, keeping the warmth inside.

Enhanced Views

Customers often worry that window film will take away from their beautiful views, but it will actually enhance them. Too much light coming through the windows creates a white light, similar to white noise, making it more difficult to see the colors that make the views so nice. When window film is added to the glass it regulates this extra light, allowing you to better see all of these colors. The sky becomes bluer, the grass greener, etc.

Increased Comfort

Helping to reduce heat and glare are the main ways that window film increases comfort. It feels good when you can let natural light in through your windows, but not feel like you need to squint or wear sunglasses while inside. It will be easier to find that ideal temperature during both summer and winter months.