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Residential/Home Window Tint in the Denver Metro Area

Customers are often concerned that adding window film to their home will take away from the beautiful views that they enjoy. In fact, adding window film to your windows will actually make the views better. Just as there is white noise, there is also extra white light that causes views to be drowned out by the glare from the sun. When window film is added to your glass the extra light is filtered and the colors of the sky and the landscape appear bolder.

Protect Your Assets

Hardwood floors, carpet, furniture, art, even your blinds and window coverings all cost money and will be ruined by the sun over time. Window film will help keep the sun from rapidly damaging your valuables. Even clear window films will block 99.9% of the suns UV rays, which account for the largest cause of fading. Tinted films will also attack the light and heat that together account for another 50% of the fading problem.
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